Three Ladies We Hope to See More of in Destiny 2

The last 48 hours have been hugely exciting for Destiny players and fans. Today (3/28), Bungie released the Age of Triumph update for Destiny that will allow players to fill out the largest, most comprehensive Record Book yet. And yesterday, teaser art was released for Destiny 2, featuring The Traveler hovering over The Last City as smoke and flames emerged from its grounds.

Naturally, fans have been eager to connect previous leaks about the Cabal attacking The Tower in order to extrapolate on potential plot themes for the highly anticipated sequel. But of course, we here at The Lady She Games are ready to theorize about the many unanswered questions in regard to some of our favorite female Destiny characters. Here are three ladies we hope to see more of in Destiny 2:

  1. Eris Morn 


If you recall from vanilla Destiny, Eris was part of a 6 person fireteam that entered the Hellmouth in an effort to reclaim the Moon from Crota and The Hive. Their team was ultimately defeated and slaughtered, leaving Eris as the sole survivor. Additionally, Crota severed her connection with The Traveler, emptying her of her light and giving her a, “dark, desolate appearance, of prominence being the green, three-eyed visage of the Hive.” After spending years of being forced to hide from The Hive in the moon’s unending tunnels, Eris finally managed to reconstruct a ship and escape. Eventually she would have her revenge killing Crota herself. After the events of The Taken King, Eris retrieves the core of Oryx’s (Crota’s Father) sword, and addressing her speech to the Queen of the Awoken, notes that she “accepts her fate” and that she “will not fail.” Watch the cut scene here.

2. Mara Sov, Queen of The Awoken


Mara Sov, The Awoken Queen, last we knew was considered dead, or at best “missing in action.” She had coordinated an attack on the Dreadnaught after Oryx’s armies had threatened The Reef, but the power of Oryx was more immense than expected, and his counter attack utterly decimated the entire Awoken fleet- including The Queen’s ship. All this occurs in the opening cut scene of Taken King, all the while The Queen is addressing her “Hidden Friend” who “escaped from that pit.” We can safely assume that Eris is her Hidden Friend, and that the two have been working together behind the scenes. From this, we can take away that The Queen is likely not dead and will probably (hopefully!) make an appearance in Destiny 2. Check out this video for deeper lore on this.

3. Maya Sundaresh, The Exo Stranger


Again, in Destiny’s vanilla campaign if something of significance happened, rest assured, The Exo Stranger would be there. We actually know more about Maya’s background than we do her present situation. Mentioned in The Lady She Game’s Valentine’s Day blog post as an unrequited love story, we know that Maya was a researcher working in Lhasa, Tibet who falls in love with another researcher name Chioma, eventually becoming an Exo to be with him. Additional lore theories about Maya include that she was responsible for the human-to-Exo conversion program at Clovis Bray, and also one of the main minds behind The Future War Cult. Where she is now, and what role she has to play on the attack on The Tower are questions that we are itching to have answered.

What are your thoughts? How do you think these ladies’ plot lines will converge in Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments!

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