Zelda Breath of the Wild: No Install Required!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is arguably the most anticipated game the Nintendo Switch team has announced. Fans of the Zelda series are literally counting down the days, hours, and minutes to playtime- and for those fans, some very good news has surfaced.

Reports are coming in that despite the Switch’s considerable storage space (32 GB), there will be no installations required. This means players will be able to play Breath of the Wild as soon as they pop in the cartridge on launch day. While this is consistent with previous Nintendo systems, those who are typically PlayStation and Xbox gamers will be happily surprised to find how quickly they can access the next installment of Link’s story.

However, insta-Zelda access hasn’t altered the fact that the console might have some bugs. Several reviewers are reporting that while playing Breath of the Wild, basic Joy-Con reliability has become an issue. Polygon contributor James Bareham writes, “Over the course of my time with Breath of the Wild, I’ve had repeated problems with the left Joy-Con controller partially or even completely losing sync from the Switch console while docked and connected to my television. This is a pain in the ass at best, but has also resulted in several deaths playing Breath of the Wild.

A simple work around for this is to use the Switch in handheld mode, which while solving the problem will still likely be an annoyance to players who have long awaited the game’s release. Both the console and the new Zelda game will be available in stores March 3.

Haven’t seen the game’s trailer? What are you waiting for!  Watch it now!

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