If You Haven’t Heard of Polygon’s “Monster Factory” You’re Missing Out

On May 4th, 2015, Polygon content creators Griffin McElroy and Justin McElroy published a video entitled, “Monster Factory: Randomly Generating Horrifying Faces in Dark Souls 2“- the idea being to find a game with a customization engine that had the potential to turn a playable character into- well, a monster.

The description for the video reads, “In this pilot for a soon-to-be smash hit video franchise, Justin and Griffin create Squirtle using the character creation tools in Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin.” While this description was likely made in the spirit of silly self-depreciation, they would turn out to be more right than they knew.


540,150 views later, the video would be the launch of a series of pure comedy gold. Some of their wackiest creations include The Final Pam (a heavily-makeuped version of Fallout 4’s female protagonist), The Boy Mayer of Second Life (an Augustus Gloop-esque boy who loves Totinos Pizza Rolls), and Borth Samspon (a European non-symmetric Bart Simpson from Black Desert Online). While these comically grotesque creations may sound too terrifying to love, Griffin and Justin warmly think of their monstrous creations as “precious children.”


At times the aid of mods are used to enhance the monster-factory potential. For instance, their character #Noid finds himself in a world made of pizza complete with Steve Harvey face shields and healing vials of Mountain Dew. All elements that surprisingly were not a part of the original Dark Souls game, but that make for a very funny pizza adventure.

Another character who received a little extra “help” from the character customization gods is Truck Shepard– an utterly mutilated version of Mass Effect’s Commander Sherpard. Justin and Griffin created this remarkable being by “hacking into the mainframe” of the game and typing in random numbers. The results were stunning:


Intrigued yet? Binge watch the full Monstery Factory playlist now! New episodes come out every other Friday.

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