Get Ready: The 2nd Wave of the Pokemon Go Craze is Coming

Just when we thought that Pokémon Go mania had officially died down, it looks like the internet may need to brace itself for round two.

The augmented reality game that consumed social media in 2016 is getting a considerable update this week. Niantic recently announced that a total of 80 new Pokémon from the second generation of games will be introduced, in addition to new outfits, evolutionary items, berries.

Although this update does not include the multiplayer and trading features so dearly wished for by players, the draw of exotic catches and outfit customization is likely to give the game a boost. Meant to add some more complexity to the game, the Nanab Berry will slow down Pokemon, making it more difficult for them to run off. Likewise the new Pinap Berries serves players by helping them collect twice as much candy after a successful catch.

Comments on the story broken by Polygon confirm that a renewed interest in the game is rising, “Awesome. My family and I are getting to the stage where there aren’t many pokemon left to get. This is perfect timing!” Another commentator noted, “I feel like it did not have to take this long. I know they’ve had issues but damn. I’ve been playing on and off still, but now I FINALLY get these new pokemon!”

What do you think? Will these updates pull lost Pokémon Go players back in? Let us know in the comments.

One thought on “Get Ready: The 2nd Wave of the Pokemon Go Craze is Coming

  1. Noooo!!!! Aaaahhhh!!!! Noooo!!!! Ahem. I didn’t like the first Pokemon Go, and I’m not looking forward to another wave of it impinging on time with friends and family again.

    But to answer your question, yes I think the updates will pull in the Poke-fans again.


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