5 Video Game Heroines Who Don’t Need Rescuing

Step aside boys-from fighting slave traders to fighting zombies, these powerful, independent women are here to take names and kick ass. Straight from their virtual worlds, here are five video game heroines who don’t need rescuing:

5. Lightening (Final Fantasy)


This heroine is a busy lady. After seeking to save her younger sister Serah, Lightning serves as a knight protecting the goddess Etro in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Then in the closing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning is chosen to be a savior by the god Bhunivelze charged with saving people’s souls before the world ends (no big deal). Though initially cold and distant to those she meets, her fierce determination and independence are a force to be reckoned with.

4. Aveline de Grandpre (Assassins Creed: Liberations)


How could we not mention the first female protagonist in the Assassin’s Creed series?Born to a wealthy French man and an African slave, Aveline grew up relatively happy and safe. However after the sudden disappearance of her mother, Aveline becomes dedicated to pursing freedom of slaves and eventually becomes an official member of the Brotherhood. Aveline makes this list for defending the weak and fighting for the oppressed, and looking badass while doing so. You go girl!


3. Ikora Rey (Destiny)


While Ikora Rey is not a playable character, her lore in the Destiny universe is significant. We know that before taking on her role as Vanguard, she flew solo reconnaissance missions across the inner solar system and Invective was her weapon of choice. Known for being outspoken, Ikora now employs a group of spies called The Hidden to go behind enemy lines and report back on possible threats posed by the Darkness. It’s no wonder why all guardian orders respect and admire her.

2. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)


Of course, our girl Jill is making the list- this zombie fighting heroine is legend. One of the original protagonists of the first Resident Evil game, she appeared as a member of U.S. special police unit STARS along with her team partner Chris Redfield. Players soon learn that Jill has devoted the majority of her adult life to stopping bioterrorism. You can find Jill in many of the Resident Evil games including Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil: Revelations, fighting the  Umbrella Corporation and its various splinter groups. Ride on.

1. FemShep (Mass Effect)


And number one! Ms. Commander Sherpard (AKA “FemShep”) is arguably the most loved video game heroine of the past decade. This three-time galaxy savior is a born leader who doesn’t take crap from anyone. Yes, she’s an attractive female, but she’s certainly not on display for your benefit. If she gets romantic its on her own terms. But looking to the larger picture, FemShep is a champion for quality female protagonists. We love what BioWare did with this character and we at The Lady She Games are hungry for more!

Who did we miss? Let us know your favorite video game heroines in the comments!

3 thoughts on “5 Video Game Heroines Who Don’t Need Rescuing

  1. Call me old school…. Alis Landale from the original Phantasy Star is leagues superior to most of the video game heroines that have come since her 1987 debut. She never needed to be saved, overthrew an oppressive government, defeated an eldritch evil, and eventually became Queen of her solar system (through her own merit – no prince charming to marry in this tale).

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