Classic, Complicated, and Unrequited: Love Stories in Video Games

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it only seems fitting to pause and remember the great love stories that video games have offered our culture. Here, in my opinion, are the top three contenders for most interesting video game couples:

Ezio Auditore and Sofia Sartor: A Classic Love (Assassin’s Creed: Revelations)


Ezio and Sofia first met while Sofia was running a bookstore at the old Polo trading post in 1511. But it isn’t all roses- this wonderfully down to earth couple goes through a lot. Between Sofia’s abduction, to chasing down Ottoman Prince Ahmet, to Ezio’s journey to Masyaf, one could posit that this couple was doomed for failure. But as fate would have it, this couple would go strong and eventually Ezio and Sofia marry in Venice, Italy. Shortly after Ezio retires from the Order of Assassins, and the two settle down in the Tuscan countryside. Sofia eventually gives birth to their two children.

Spartan-117 and Cortana: A Complicated Love (Halo)


This one will definitely cause some controversy, but I’m including it…Although Cortana and Chief aren’t explicitly in love, their companionship and devotion for one another has literally survived decades… Both characters are deeply affectionate in their own way, and the instances that they desire to be physically close to one another are pretty overt, leading me to believe their relationship is not just platonic. However their Facebook relationship status would likely be “It’s Complicated” as Chief is forced to put Cortana down when she eventually reaches rampancy. Check out some of  Master Chief and Cortana’s best moments here.

Cayde 6 and The Exo-Stranger: An Unrequited Love (Destiny)


You have to do some digging to uncover this love story, but it’s worth it when you find it. Cayde-6 is a 6th generation human-turned-Exo who now uses playing cards to prompt his access to his old human memories. Any card with a heart symbol represents the girl he fell in love with; Maya Sanduresh. He falls for Maya while protecting the Ishtar-Collective, but Maya remains unaware of Cayde’s love for her as he never builds up the strength to tell her. However, Maya herself is in love with another researcher whom she eventually becomes an Exo for. The two now work separately to defeat the Vex enemy. For more details on this juicy love story, take a moment to watch this Destiny Lore video!

How about you? What are your favorite video game love stories? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Classic, Complicated, and Unrequited: Love Stories in Video Games

  1. This is a pretty good post. A great love story can really elevate a game to an entirely new level. Personally, my favorite would have to be Shadow of the Colossus. If you’ve never played it, I won’t spoil it. But if you have, then that ending really just spoke volumes. 🙂


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