The Latest Destiny 2 Rumors… From Mega Bloks?

Fans of Destiny are counting down to a results conference on February 9th set up by Activision, during which some juicy Destiny 2 announcements may be shared. In the meantime however, an internet bomb was dropped when Mega Bloks put several unannounced sets up on three of which, were for Destiny.

Here’s what we know.

Destiny Cabal Goliath Tank Building Set Contains:

  • Buildable Goliath tank with rotating turret and articulated jets
  • Tank fully opens to reveal interior troop bay
  • Four highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures include Commander Zavala, one Cabal Phalanx, and two Cabal Psion
  • Zavala comes with detachable armor and Answering Chords auto rifle
  • Cabal figures come with detachable Siege Dancer armor, weapons, and shield accessory

Cabal Bruiser Battle Building Set Contains:

  • Buildable hangar platform 
  • Set the scene for a clash between a Bruiser’s crushing strength and a master swordsman’s skill
  • A legendary warrior faces his greatest contest yet in the Tower hangar
  • Wielding his Raze-Lighter, hero of the Crucible Lord Shaxx prepares to pit his blade against the furious cleavers of a Cabal Red Guard

Aspect Of Glass Building Set Contains:

  • Buildable Aspect of Glass jump ship with opening cockpit and working launcher
  • Highly detailed, super-poseable Hunter micro action figure
  • Figure comes with detachable Spektar armor and Lord of Wolves shotgun
  • Jump ship stand features transparent articulated display rod

Conclusion? It would seem that the Cabal are going to be some of our main enemies in Destiny 2, and are perhaps planning to attack Tower. It’s safe to say that Zavala is clearly around and we may get some deeper lore for the Answering Chord auto rifle. All very tantalizing information.

What do you think? Do you have other fan-theories? Let us know in the comments!

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