Resident Evil 7: My Running Scream Count


I’d like to think I’m a pretty seasoned fan of the horror genre. I’ve played several previous games from the Resident Evil franchise, as well as Alone in the Dark, Dead Space, Outlast… The list goes on. Suffice it to say, I’ve come to a point where I no longer scare easily.

But when I am scared, I shriek. I shriek like a banshee getting their eyebrows waxed.

And that is how I have been screaming while playing the first three hours of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Below are the some of creepiest moments/scenes that got me good:

1. The first time Mia turned


Playing as a regular Joe named Ethan, we have come to “Mom and Dad’s” house to investigate the disappearance of our love interest Mia. When we find her in the basement of the guest house she is rambling incoherently and refers to a mysterious man named “Dad.” It is made evident that something terrible has happened to alter her physically, and the games goes for their first jump scare as she suddenly turns into a un-dead zombie.

2. When She Cut Off my Hand


I have come across some serious plot twists and unexpected scares before in Resident Evil games before, but none-so-much as when Mia appears suddenly (after thinking she was dead) cut off my entire freaking hand with a chainsaw! I actually froze up after this happened due to shock, and wondering if/how I was going to go through the rest of a survival-horror game with one hand.

3. During the Car Fight Scene


Basically that entire scene… yeah.

4. When Mom chased Mia in Video Tape


At one point, we find a tape from Mia that we watch in an upstairs room inside the house. We then play from the perspective of Mia who is attempting to warn Ethan when she is found out and chased by “Mom.” The hackling and cackling screams that Mom emits while chasing Mia with a creaky old lamp sent an instantaneous chill down my neck. A game of cat and mouse ensues and the player has to hide behind objects and solve a picture puzzle while knowing that Mom could pop out at any given moment.

How about you all? What were your biggest jump scares? Let us know in the comments!

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