The 5 Best Etsy Shops for D&D Minis

There’s no doubt about it. If you’re looking to build a customizable mini from scratch, Hero Forge is the way to go. Their impressive range of races, clothes, and weapons to choose from allow the player build a character with great precision, making it a very attractive choice for RPG players. But what if you want your mini to have vivid colors? What if you want to go vintage?

Luckily, there’s an Etsy Shop for that. Here are our top 5 Etsy Shops for D&D Minis:

1. Realm of Miniatures


Realm of Miniatures is a fairly new miniature etsy shop based in North Carolina, offering rare vintage D&D minis. The shop boasts a five star rating with about 200 minis to currently select from. TLSG gives this delightful shop two thumbs way up!

2. Silverhammer Forge


This etsy shop is also new, coming on the scene in 2016. However their selection of about 100 hand-painted elements, demons, familiars, and ghosts is superb. A recent purchase review from January 20th, 2017 reads, “Order was processed and shipped quickly and the figure was very securely packed. Very happy with my purchase.”

3. DeadBardMiniatures


Okay, so this shop only offers a selection of eight minis, but my goodness… THOSE DETAILS! These creations are also hand-painted, using a combination of Citadel, Reaper and Vallejo paints and washes. Another bonus? The site has super speedy shipping: most minis arrive within 3-5 days of purchase from the site!

4. MonstrosFairyGardens


This shop includes some of the most unique and intricate minis we have come across. MonstrosFairyGardens sells both monsters and scenery for your RPG experience. This little known gem of a shop has consistently had 5 star ratings from every review. Go check them out!

5. MyCharacterMinis


MyCharacterMinis is the priciest shop of our top five selections, but with good cause. A large selection of minis pre-categorized into races makes for a very convenient buying experience. Additionally, buyers are able to request minor changes, or commission a custom paint job.


What do you think? Did we miss a great Etsy Shop for minis? Let us know in the comments!

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